How I Help

You’re in front of the computer late at night, tired brain, straining eyes, struggling with unfamiliar concepts, making mistakes, wishing you could find someone to do it all for you…

Running a business today involves a huge number of digital tasks; there is no escape. It’s no longer just a question of typing out a few poorly laid out quotes or invoices in Word. Nowadays customers expect you to have an online presence – a website, a lively blog, regular social media updates.

You can’t get away with “the estimate is in the post” any more (and certainly not “the cheque…”!). Customers expect instant communication via email, or even live face-to-face conversations online. They expect to make payments online. They expect to be able to access all the information about you and your business, including customer reviews and news of your latest work, in their own time, online.

It’s a job in itself. And for a micro business there often isn’t anyone sufficiently skilled to carry out these tasks effectively and efficiently. Sometimes there just isn’t anyone to do it, full stop.

Particularly when your business is creative, outdoors or customer-facing, you simply don’t have the time or the desire to be sitting in front of a computer. If you’re lucky family members or friends step in. They’re not professionals. They know a little. They fit it in around other things and do it when they can; and you get by.

More often than not you find yourself in front of the computer late at night, with a tired brain, and strained eyes, struggling with unfamiliar concepts, making mistakes, and wishing you could find someone to do it all for you.


Well now you have.

I call it Digital Handholding – for when you don’t know how to, or you don’t have time to, or you just don’t want to…

Here’s just a few examples of how I can help you:

    • Face-to-face online help for those “What’s it doing now?!” moments when you haven’t the faintest idea what’s happening… but you want it to stop.
    • Taking routine tasks off your hands, thereby freeing you to do what you do best in your business or creative life. (Tasks like website updating, social media management, email marketing, organising online events…)
    • Online research – What’s the best? Where’s the nearest? What’s the cheapest? How do I…?
    • Guiding you on the choice of new digital devices and apps – what to buy and how to use them.
    • If your business is just starting out: building you a website from scratch, setting up your social media presence, mailing lists etc.

…but really, just ask. I’m here to help. To free up your time. And to simply remove the stress of all that digital stuff that’s become an essential (if unwelcome) part of your life.