Mastering digital tasks with ease is my forte, and helping people is my passion.

Hi. I’m Judy Coleman. IT trainer, web designer and micro-business owner with over 25 years’ experience supporting businesses and training computer users of all ages and all levels of ability.

Having worked as a PA at board level for a few years, in 1995 I qualified as an IT trainer and for the next 15 years worked all around the UK, training corporate users up to advanced level on all aspects of the popular Microsoft Office applications. I also designed and built databases and project plans for businesses, from sole traders to large household names like Waitrose. As well as working directly with clients, I was often employed as a consultant for other training companies, training staff in many well known businesses like the BBC, Sony, Esso, Barclays, Microsoft (and many more).

During this time I also taught myself web design using HTML and CSS, and built websites for clients, as well as my own sites. I also learnt a huge amount about running a micro business, by doing all my own marketing, admin and accounts.

Eventually, grown tired of constantly travelling around the country and being away from home, I scaled down my business to teaching and supporting home computer users locally – many of them well into their senior years and encountering technology for the first time – and ran classes at the local libraries slanted very much towards making learning fun, and taking away particularly older people’s fear of computers.

Then in 2014, following a bereavement, I decided to take a three year sabbatical, and follow my lifelong dream of making and learning about art.

Nearly three years on, I’m ready to return to a rather different business world, moving my services entirely online, and widening my client base to, well, the whole world. During the last three years, through the contacts I’ve made with online art communities and schools, my own use of technology has actually increased. I’ve become more familiar with the ever growing possibilities of social media and online broadcasting, and have become fascinated by how much customers now expect to have access to all aspects of a business online.

I am now increasingly being asked for help from other artists and creatives who just don’t understand, or want to be bothered with getting their own businesses online, or who are wanting to create online media or events to showcase their work and need help, and a sort of digital hand to hold.

So, The Big Shed Studio was born, as a worldwide provider of ‘digital handholding’. If you too need some  help, please get in touch.