What Is The Big Shed Studio?

Running a business on your own involves a huge number of digital tasks; there is no escape from it. How often do you wish there was someone who would do it all for you? Properly. Well now there is…. click to find out more

Who Is The Big Shed Studio?

Hi. I’m Judy Coleman.  A micro-business owner, IT trainer and web designer with over 25 years’ experience training and supporting businesses and computer users of all ages and all levels of ability. Mastering digital tasks with ease is my forte…  click to find out more

How Does It Work?

You pay a monthly subscription, and whenever you need help, support, guidance or troubleshooting just contact me and I’m there at your virtual side to take the digital burden from you… click to find out more

What Does It Cost?

A simple choice of two plans: A monthly subscription starting at £189  per calendar month, or an annual subscription starting at £1890 – giving you two months free … click to find out more

What Next?

If this sounds like it might be just what you need, get in touch today for a free initial consultation.
Click here, fill in the contact form and let’s have a chat about how I can help.